Tuesday, December 3, 2013



Gorgeous high boy - an heirloom from client's Nana - drab  & falling apart inside with wonky drawers (the supports were falling off).  Refinished with Van Gogh Chalk Paint (from Pure Organics on John Street in Burlington)  - a new paint we were trying (Canadian made Chalk Paint).  The colour is "Revenge" - I absolutely LOVE the deep deep black! It's hard to get that black with Annie Sloan (from The Painted Bench on Ottawa Street in Hamilton) without adding to her "Graphite".  This client wanted a bit of a gleam also - so it was sealed as well.  The gold gilding on the pulls really pop against the black.  Under the black is a custom mix using Annie Sloan's "Emperor's Silk".  The client loved it and placed it in a coveted place in her house instead of the garage! That's the greatest thing about refinishing antiques/vintage/retro/ - they don't go in the landfills and are given a rebirth to be enjoyed for many, many years.  The craftsmanship of these pieces is so sturdy - made to last - not like the other "throw away - put it together yourself" furniture that you see on the side of the curbs.



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