Saturday, September 13, 2014

1900 Sideboard ***For my Paralegal Office!***

I had this beautiful (but very damaged) sideboard for quite some time before I refinished it.  I'm so glad I got busy with other things because I ended up needing a sideboard in my new business office - I'm in the midst of opening a Paralegal practice in Hamilton!

So, this lady had a lot of veneer cracking and peeling off.  It all needed to be removed first - huge job and on this lady it was the worse removal I have ever encountered.  Normally an overnight soak of towels on the veneer or placing a hot iron over some protective sheets over the veneer loosens the glue. I don't know what glue this carpenter used over a hundred years ago but it should be patented. I struggled with this for two days to get the veneer off - my hands were so sticky from the glue. I really did not enjoy that part.  It was stripped and then the fun part - Graphite (AS) and then dry brushed with Modern Masters Silver Metallic.  The middle portion was chalkboard painted and then clear waxed (AS). I love the way it turned out!

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